Out of the many health hazards that Indians are facing right now, premature balding is certainly one of them. The problem of rapid hair loss which was mainly prevalent in middle aged men in the past is now affecting even the young men of India. This menace could have serious consequences like poor self image, frustration and depression in the long run. Hair loss could be due to many factors. Let us look at some of the major factors which could be causing rapid hair loss in young men in India today:

Hormone related Problems

Hormone related problems like the Androgenetic Alopecia could be a major cause for sudden hair loss in both men as well women, causing baldness. It is associated with many health conditions and could be a major cause of rapid hair loss and baldness even in young men too.


With the growing work pressure there is no doubt that the stress levels in the lives of most people have gone up. For many it is a 24X7 work schedule leading to huge amounts of stress.  It is seen that stress could trigger many health conditions like alopecia, areta which could ultimately lead to baldness and rapid hair loss and baldness.

Poor Nutrition

With our fast life style our diet and food habits have also changed significantly. Many of us might be skipping meals regularly. Apart from this we have fast food which has little nutrition and excess calories. As a result our diet is deprived of the very important nutrition essential for good health. These also cause a lot of damage to our health including rapid hair loss too.

Excessive Hair Styling

Many of the young generation now want to look smart and trendy. Thus many resort to excessive hair colouring and hair styling leading to rapid hair loss in the long run.

 So all in all there are a host of reasons and causes for rapid hair loss. In case you too are suffering from this problem, then there is a need for you to identify the problem and treat the same. Thankfully today there are a lot of modern hair loss treatments like hair transplantation which serve as a permanent solution to the problem.


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