Many still hold the wrong idea that thinning of hair and ugly bald patches are only visible among men. Women lose hair as well and sometimes this hair fall is quite severe. They lead to ugly patches of scalp visible, much to the displeasure and discomfort to women. As a cultural matter, women are held more accountable for looking presentable than men. This makes it imperative that they combat hair loss with greater alertness than men.

Reasons of Hair Fall

There are various reasons why women are more vulnerable to men when it comes to matters of hair loss. The factors that cause hair fall are more prominently manifest in women. For example, stress is a defined reason for hair loss. Now, most women tackle various tasks at the same time, at home and at the workplace. It is no surprise that their stress levels are more pronounced than it is among men.

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A very valid reason for hair loss is the lack of nutrients and nutrition in the body and diet. Women, always worried about the health and wellness of their family members, often miss out on their own requirements of nutrition. As a result, many women suffer from nutrition deficiencies, including vital supplements like vitamins and proteins. Their diet is not well balanced, leaving more room for such lack of nutrition to grow and wreck havoc to their health.

This lack of nutritious diet leads to problems like abnormal thyroid levels, diabetes and various other illnesses. Often, they lie undetected and untreated! Hair loss is aggravated in such situations. Women need to wake up to the growing concerns of their health. A healthy body will be able to offer the nourishment that hair follicles need for a normal, healthy growth. Otherwise, they degenerate and fall off, with no hair growing back to take their place. This is the reason for ugly patches of scalp showing on the head.

There is a two-step recovery process for women suffering from abnormal hair loss. The first is to go to a registered practitioner for advice and assistance about the recovery treatment. The second is to take proper food and nutrition supplements as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Unless you take steps to combat hair loss, it will continue to spread out and make matters worse. You can also take the route of hair transplantation after talking to field experts.   

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