This is the age of looking beautiful. Unless you feel confident about your appearance, you cannot make a strong impression with your personality. The matter is quite intrinsic as well. If you feel that you are looking your best, your performance is much better, no matter what profession you are in. Women especially are very particular about their appearance. So, when they are plagued by hair loss, they become quite reckless in getting back their original hair volume. For them hair transplant surgery could be a solution.

Many hair transplant clinics in Kolkata take advantage of this desperation on the part of such women. Doctors in such clinics quickly advise a hair transplant surgery, without caring two figs about the efficacy of such a procedure. There are reasons why a hair transplantation process or hair restoration surgery will have different consequences when applied to men and women. The hair type and the nature of hair loss in men is quite different from what it is among women. That is why a process that is deemed a success among men may fail miserably when applied on women.

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As the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata would tell you, in the hair transplant process, hair from sufficient areas of the scalp is grafted to deficient areas. Men lose hair at front while the sides and back are usually unaffected by this kind of baldness. This makes it quite easy for doctors to collect hair follicles for grafting. The donor areas at the sides and back provide the follicles for grafting in the front portion of the scalp. Women have a different kind of hair loss where they lose hair consistently from all parts of the scalp. This thinning over a wider area makes it difficult for doctors to collect and graft hair follicles.

Moreover, the grafted follicles do not develop into voluminous hair growth. Even after the process, many women lose hair. It is only among 40-50% of women who can benefit from hair transplantation. Doctors can point out who will benefit from such a process and who will not. You need to check with our team of experts at, the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata, before you make up your mind about this process. Do not be hoodwinked by advertisements offline and online!

There are some women, however, who have no other option but to opt for surgery. For example, if the hair loss is due to hormonal issues or due to external burns, hair transplant surgery can scale back the damage to a large extent. Otherwise, you are better off to talk to our team first!

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