The problem of rapid hair loss and getting bald is playing havoc with the Indian youth. From what was a problem mainly predominant among middle aged men even about a decade ago is now sparing none. In case you fall in that category we can understand your anguish of rapidly losing hair. It may ruin your professional as well as social life. Thus it is but normal for you to be desperate about effectively treating hair loss. One of the most popular means of doing so is by hair transplantation. With the popularity of hair transplant surgeries sky rocketing the hair treatment clinics have mushroomed up.

Many of them claim that they do the best hair transplant at the lowest price. But you need to be careful. Hair transplantation is a surgery which requires expertise. It also requires a major investment. Besides since there is your health involved you need to make doubly sure that the hair transplant surgeon carrying out your surgery is competent enough. You also need to take particular care about the recommendations made following the surgery. The following are some of the key factors which you need to bear in mind.

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Post operative care for after hair transplant surgery

Following the hair transplant surgery you need to regularly take the prescribed medicines to reduce the swelling of your scalp. According to hair transplant experts scarring, redness and drowsiness are common problems which you can expect post the surgery. They are of the opinion that some patches are bound to stay during the initial days after the procedure. The reason for this is that the new implanted hair follicles take time to grow. However since they generally grow on the scar tissues you can easily cover the scars which might have formed.

Avoid Scar reduction creams

It is best not to use scar reduction creams unless advised by your physician.

Mind how you sleep after the hair transplant surgery

Following the operation you may feel drowsy. However you need to bear in mind some sleeping postures which will help you to sleep well post surgery. Sleeping flat might only result in swelling of the scalp. It is therefore advisable to lie down in a an semi upright position. You may take support of some pillows to provide your head with a comfortable elevation.

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Avoid excessive physical work outs

For the first 10 days following the surgery you must avoid physical activities which are excessively strenuous. These may include avoid hitting the gym immediately after the hair transplant surgery. Excessive work outs immediately after the procedure may have adverse effects on your health. So take some time off. Once the scalp has healed up which should roughly take about 10 days you can slowly get back to your regular routine.

Avoid exposure to sun

Following the surgery it is best to avoid the direct exposure of your scalp to the sun. Thus during day time it is best to stay indoors as much as possible during day time. You may use a wide brimmed hat to give you protection when you step out in the sun. Excessive sweating of the scalp can effect the hair growth on it.

Have a balanced diet

Following the hair transplantation it is best to stick to a healthy diet which stimulates hair growth.
In conclusion we hope that by following the steps mentioned above, would take sufficient care post your hair transplantation. It has normally been seen that for the full fledged results of hair transplantation to show would take about 1 year. So you need to be patient in between. Get successful hair transplantation done from Bye Bye Baldy.

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