You may often come across attractive advertisements which offer hair transplant with an assurance of a thick crop. These can often make you believe that hair transplantation is your only option for treating hair loss or baldness. However some experts in the field differ in this regard. Some plastic surgeons and specialists in the field are of the opinion that not every man losing hair and on the verge of going bald needs hair transplant. They also believe that about 30 to 40% of hair growth can be achieved through medication and without surgery.

These experts believe that medication should be the first step even for a patient waiting for a hair transplant. They feel that it may so happen that the patient may be so satisfied with the treatment after four to five months that he may not even opt for surgery at all. This aspect often is not highlighted in advertisements in regard to hair transplantation.

Insist to know about the whole nature of hair loss treatment before you undergo one

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It is important that you get to know about the whole nature of the hair loss treatment prior to the hair transplantation. You should also try to know as to how much time it would take to get adequate cover of hair. It may so happen that you are due for your marriage in 2 months and approach a doctor with a request for hair transplantation. Under this situation your hair restoration surgeon must be able to tell you exactly after how many months you would have adequate hair growth in your bald areas. In such a case a period of 2 months for satisfactory results for complete hair growth may not be realistic.

In fact some hair transplantation surgeons are of the opinion that after the first month of surgery, about 10% hair growth is evident every three-four months. For complete results to show a period of at least nine-ten months is necessary.

Apart from taking complete information about the expected results from the hair transplant surgery, you must also try to find out about the facilities of the clinic, where the surgery is to be carried out. You must also know in advance about the post operative precautions and the care which is needed, for the best results from the surgery. 

In conclusion, we must say that it is true that hair transplantation is a very effective way to treat the problem of hair loss. However it may not be the only way for the same. Prior to having the surgery conducted you must be fully aware of the options which are available for your treatment. In case there is scope for medication for hair growth you must try out the same under the consultation of your doctor. Thus hair transplantation may the ultimate step for treating your hair loss or baldness. Besides in case you are planning to undergo one, get to know in details about the expected results in terms of time. You must also get to know the precautions needed and follow them accordingly. 

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