With the numerous causes for rapid hair loss and baldness, along with genetic factors, hair loss as might already know is not always in your control. Thus there is a great probability that you would have tried a large number of methods to retain your hair volume. But while the numerous options in terms of hair loss treatments in Kolkata, you could get really confused, it can be really hard to pinpoint which method is actually worth your trust. But with the advent of time and great treatment options new and powerful tools have been able to understand the complex chemical languages of the body. This is especially more true when it comes to managing and treating baldness.

Some treatments for baldness

Pedicle Flaps:

The Flap surgery is of the latest hair restoration treatment for hair loss. The procedure involves moving a “flap” of skin from one area of the body to another. Here the cosmetic surgeon through the surgery moves hair-bearing scalp to the bald area providing instantaneous hair coverage. However narrow gaps between transferred flaps may require some “touch-up” by hair transplantation or scalp reduction later.

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Microsurgical free flaps:

Microvascular free tissue transfer or “free flap” is another baldness treatment which is generally used for repairing the areas where there are no hair follicles. A free flap takes a block of tissue from one part of your body. This is also called as the donor site and moves it to the site that needs reconstruction (also known as the recipient site).

Scalp Extension: 

Were you aware of the fact that Excision of the bald scalp after either tissue expansion or scalp extension surgery can play a key role in hair restoration too. Did you know that scalp tissue has the ability to elongate or stretch after tension or pull has been placed on it for a period of time? In some ways, this is similar to the elongation of “fish-net” nylon stockings when pulled from two sides. In humans, this phenomenon is often known as “mechanical creep”. When tissue gets stretched or pulled over longer periods of time, two other changes occur: The first, new tissue is formed. The adjacent tissue, on the other hand, moves into the area (called recruitment of surrounding tissue). This combination of new tissue growth and recruitment is called as “biological creep”, and pregnancy with “stretching” of the abdominal skin is an everyday example of this.

In order to excise more bald skin, and make the area of baldness become smaller or for the complete elimination of the same, hair transplant surgeons in Kolkata perform certain surgical procedures will utilize either mechanical creep or biological creep or possibly both, to achieve this goal.

There is yet another technique, also known as volumetric expansion, using saline expanders, one or more balloon-like structures. These are known as tissue expanders, are surgically placed below the hair-bearing scalp skin to cause biological creep.

It is generally about 2 weeks after the tissue expanders have been put in place, some salt water or saline is added to each expander. This is done by means of a needle through the skin, to expand it. Thereafter saline is added one time or two times a week over a period of about 8 to 12 weeks until the hair-bearing scalp has been expanded the desired amount. Then, at a second operation, the saline is removed from the expander(s), the expander(s) removed, and then the desired bald scalp excised and replaced by the expanded hair-bearing scalp.


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