You would already know that traditionally, hair care is reserved for the morning hours—the washing, styling and brushing. For most, the night is -reserved for throwing your hair into a top knot. However But you need to know that some things which you do in between the day from tying and pinning your hair which can impact the health of your hair. Are you aware that wearing your hair up can actually damage your hair?

Traction alopecia: what it is?

Traction Alopecia | Hair Loss | Hair Transplant Surgeon | Hair Expert

The condition when there is hair damage owing to the factors mentioned above is known as traction alopecia. It is a hair condition which is most of the times caused due to pulling of hair, causing damage to the roots. It has been seen that Gymnasts, swimmers and ballerinas experience traction alopecia as their hair is tied very tightly majority of the times. Some studies also seem to indicate that many Sikh males mostly suffer from traction alopecia due to the constant tying of hair and keeping it tucked in the turban. As per beauty & hair experts, your strands might get brittle when you tie your hair up with elastic. Over a period of time when you consistently tie your hair up, the tension damages the hair follicle and your hair eventually fall out. You need to remember the following guidelines before you tie your hair up the next time to prevent breakage:

  • We need to make use of metal-free elastics to tie your ponytail to prevent breakage. You could instead use a scarf to tie your ponytail. This could be the safest way to tie your hair.
  • In case you need to wear your hair up, ensure that it is not too tight. It is best that you twirl your hair in a loose bun and secure the ends with a clip.
  • You must also avoid tying your hair when it is wet. By doing this you could end up slicing your hair when you put elastic in wet hair.
  • It is also a good idea is to apply some hair serum to help your hair glide against the elastic and prevent breakage when you tie a high ponytail.
  • You must also make sure that you wear your hair down especially when you go to sleep. This is because while in sleep rolling around a pillow can cause even more friction and breakage. So you need to opt for other hairstyles which cause minimum tension and less damage to your hair.  


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