There are multiple factors involved in obtaining the perfect tone, length and most importantly, quality of hair. Hard water can have really harsh impact on the hair of both men and women which results in hair loss. The roughness of hair shaft that you feel with the tip of your finger can be beyond just natural causes. The water you use for bathing can be the reason too.

It takes tiny scales to build every single hair pod. The construction structure looks almost like the shingles on a roof. Hardness in water makes these scales stand vertically and your hair starts feel rough and tangled. The problem can seem more difficult when soap is applied and rinsed off with hard water. Excess minerals in water form magnesium and calcium salts that do not get easily dissolved in water and result in coarse surface of hair shaft.

Rough Hair caused by Hard Water | Hair fall | Hair loss

How to Avoid Hair Loss Caused by Hard Water?

It is impossible to avoid all contacts with water when it comes to washing your hair. So, the kind of water that you use for washing demands a change. Many people are unaware of the fact that hardness in water has harsh impact on hair cells which may result in baldness. One of the major reasons of hair fall is presence of harmful elements in such water. Apart from making your hair feel dry, damaged and rough, it can also enhance the condition of severe hair fall.

If hard water from your tap seems to make the situation seem real bad for you, hair transplantation can seem to be the ultimate solution to resort to. If the water supplied to the household is not clean enough or appropriate for washing hair, it can have an impact on hair growth too. Chemicals present in water make it hard in nature and that can create havoc with hair. Regular use of such water and chronic contact of scalp with such chemicals present in water can lead to severe and long lasting damage. Unhealthy condition of hair, premature greying, receding hairline are among the ultimate results of regular use of hard water.

In some conditions, hard water can even transform the natural colour of your hair completely. That can even require the support of unnatural dyes. Often that has wrong impact on your complete appearance too. Traces of unwanted chemicals can make scalp incapable of having healthy hair growth or rebirth of new hair. Impaired hair root can result in complete baldness. In such a condition, hair transplant seems to be the ultimate way out of the problem.  

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