A quick look through the search results on Google when you use the words ‘hair transplantation’ will throw up so many options for you. There are scores of hair transplantation clinic in Kolkata and elsewhere in the country offering hair transplantation service. So many options on the table may leave you with a problem of plenty. It is never a happy situation to be in, especially because you are never sure if you are making the right choice in the end. We at byebyebaldy.com have come up with some questions that will help you settle the matter.

You should start by talking to the professional who will carry out the hair transplant job. More often than not, correct information gets distorted because they reach you via unreliable media. The customer care executives are not always in the best position to answer technical queries, more so about medical matters. For example, if you are a diabetic or allergic to certain medication, will it have an impact on the medicines or drugs that will be used during the hair transplantation process? These are questions that only the authorized professional can answer satisfactorily.

Hair Transplantation

Secondly, you need to know the technicalities of the process itself. Hair transplant can be done in more than one way, the more popular processes being Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip method. You should speak to your trichologist, the medical professional entrusted with the job of carrying out the procedure. When you consult deeply and extensively about the hair transplantation process, your concerns will stand addressed. It will also drive away undue worries about the duration or success rate of the process. You can clarify any questions you might have about possible side-effects. In modern technology, these side-effects are minimal to nothing in normal circumstances.

Thirdly, you should find out if the clinic has been in the business for some time. There are several clinics that have sprouted up in the recent past, mainly due to the rising demand among the upwardly mobile and urbane citizens for hair transplantation procedures. But all of these clinics do not have the infrastructure or even the technical know how to deal with these sensitive procedures. You will go through a harrowing time if you are not careful about conducting background checks about clinics before trusting them with your money and scalp.

Talk to our team at byebyebaldy.com if you have questions or you feel wary about some aspects of this process. If you need it, get it done and change the way you live life!

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