Are you suffering from Excessive Hair Loss? Here are some daily habits that causes that has resulted to Hair Loss. Our hair transplant surgeons at Bye Bye Baldy has compiled a list of points that might be the potential reasons for your hair loss.

It is a generalized view if you lose about 100 strands of hair a day, it may be normal. But if the amount of hair loss is considerably more and consistent over a period of time, then there is a problem. Though the reasons may be many, and we must consult an expert if required. There may be certain daily habits which add to this. This is why we find our hair strands at the back of our shirts, on our collars, entangled in our combs, on our pillows and at times on our work desk. This hair loss may be a result of these daily habit factors.

Daily Habits for hair

We have listed some of these habits you must avoid for preventing hair loss:

  • Washing hair daily with hot water: Though we often enjoy a hot water bath especially in winters, but it may cause damage to your hair. Hot water causes hair to dehydrate and makes it brittle, causing hair loss. The hot water also tends to be harsh on the scalp by stripping of the natural oil present in the scalp.
  • Aggressive combing especially when hair is wet. Hair tends to be more prone to break particularly if tied tightly or combed aggressively. This when repeated over a long period tends to weaken the roots. It is best for healthy hair to have it dry naturally.
  • Regular Use of Heat Styling Devices- often blow dryers are used for styling. However continuous Heat on the scalp on a regular basis causes hair damage. If possible it is best that the hair dries naturally. Exposing hair to heat weakens hair roots and must be avoided for healthy hair.
  • Non Application of hair oils – Hair oils like coconut oil, amla oil, etc provide good nourishment to hair. However often owing to smell application of hair is avoided. Besides the scalp massage at time of the application of the hair oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and thus promotes the health of your hair.
  • Skipping meals- Owing to work pressure often we tend to skip meals. Some are obsessed with weight loss and tend to skip meals intentionally. Lack of proper nutrition adversely impacts hair health resulting in hair loss.
  • Excessive use of Hair Styling Products-often we tend to use styling gels and other products to keep our hairstyle intact for long periods of time. But hair tend to be unreasonably stiff and sticky. Combing after use of such products expose the hair to breakage and cause long term hair damage.

Well, if you can keep all these points in mind and change your daily habits , you can surly get the healthier hair. For severe hair damage you can always get in touch with our expert hair transplantation surgeon at ByeByeBaldy.

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