In a recently published report by a leading English Publication of India, talks about teenagers losing sleep over their thinning hair. It mentions about them having to wake up early just to cover up their thinning patches on their scalp. They try everything from shampoo to home remedies. When nothing works they are compelled to visit hair specialists. This only goes to show the mammoth proportions the problem of rapid hair loss is taking. The problem only a decade ago was predominant among-st middle aged men. But this report clearly points out that it takes no age to fall prey to the problem. So in case you have a teenage son or daughter you need to take care about what they eat and the stress levels they may have to go through.

Trends of hair loss in children in India

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Experts are of the opinion that there had been an increase in the number of parents who bring in their children who suffer from hair loss. The causes for increasing hair-loss amongst children are many. These range from physiological reasons like post viral or post jaundice which could lead to acute hair-loss, or teenagers simply indulging in crash diets. However as a parent you need not get overly anxious. Fall of hair up to a certain amount can be considered normal. Thus most hair experts always do not recommend strong medication or aggressive therapy for this age group. In case there is a genuine concern for rapid hair loss in children then elucidating medical history of the child and conducting blood tests to find out the reason become necessary. 

Doctors generally divide the children under two age groups. One for children who are pre 12 years and the other who are post 12 years. It is generally seen that children who suffer from hair-loss if they are below 12 years, occurs generally due to lack of nutrition. Poor nutrition in this category of children leads to fungal infections causing rapid hair-loss. On other hand children who are more than 12 years old, generally suffer hair-loss, due to stress of exams and so on. It could also happen because of hormonal changes occurring in them.

What the doctors feel? 

A hair transplantation doctor claims that about 30% of his total patients are in the age group of 13 years to 17 years. He feels that the primary cause of hair loss in this age category is junk food and improper nutrition. Smoking and consumption of alcohol too could be a cause for the same to teenagers who fall in that category. Therefore according to them intake of nutritious food is most important for healthy hair, especially in children. Hair loss may also be caused by certain medical conditions like eczema too. 

To conclude we may say that going by recent trends that there has indeed been an upsurge of the hair fall in teenagers in India recently. The primary cause being lack of nutrition and stress. In case your young son or daughter is suffering from the problem, you must ensure that he or she takes in nutritious food. In case the problem persists you must consult a reliable hair loss treatment clinic. ByeByeBaldy is one of the leading hair fall treatment clinics in Kolkata. For further details please visit our website.

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