It is quite alarming how stress has multiplied manifold times in our lives. Busy life, complicated lifestyles and performance anxieties pile up to make our everyday even more stressful. There are a clutch of health issues that owe their genesis to stress. You will find doctors advising a stress-free life for various illnesses, even if stress is not directly related to the problem.

For hair loss and thinning hair growth, stress is a major contributor. It is very simple to understand how stress wrecks havoc in the hair growth of a person. The hair follicles follow a particular growth graph, starting from the birth of the hair follicle. After passing through a couple of phases that includes follicle maturation, it reaches the final stage of degeneration. There is a time for these phases to come into play.

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When you are stressed out, the degeneration phase comes into play much faster than the usual schedule. This leads to premature hair fall, before the next growth phase of hair follicles can start off. As a result, you lose clumps of hair every day, making your hair look thinner. The hairline looks to be receding backwards, exposing greater areas of the forehead.

The first major step for you to combat hair loss is to control your stress. The most elusive part of this process is that you can never be sure as to why you are losing hair in the first place! There are so many different reasons behind losing hair. It could be genetic in nature or simply the use of harsh chemicals in hair products that you are using. Sometimes, even pollution can be a reason. You can only have a hunch that you may be losing hair due to stress.

The best part about losing hair because of stress is that you can control this factor, unlike many others on the list! Stress is something that you can try and bring under control. To reduce stress, you can try the obvious methods like living a healthy lifestyle with room for a wholesome diet and adequate exercises. Quitting bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption will go a long way into bringing your stress under control. For those who are still unable to get their stress levels under check, a visit to a psychiatrist is a good step.

It is not just hair loss that stress plays foul with. There are serious health complications on the way unless you combat stress. So bring that under control and may be you will stop losing hair.

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