Out of the many problems faced by some of the youth of today, hair loss is definitely a major one. The problem of rapid hair fall or baldness which was primarily affecting the middle-aged men is now sparing none. It has become a cause of concern even for the youth. There are of course many reasons for the same. However, out of them, stress could be a leading factor too.

We live in times when most of us lead hectic life schedules. For many, it is a 24 by 7 work schedule and the stress has become almost unbearable with mounting work pressures and responsibilities. Amongst the various health hazards, rapid hair loss is also one. Let us see how stress could cause baldness.

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Stress and hair loss

The factors which cause hair loss are many and yes, stress is certainly one of them. With excessive stress, it might lead to hormonal imbalances in the body and raise one’s anxiety levels. This, in turn, triggers hair fall problems. As per a study published in one leading Dermatology related Journalstress inhibits hair growth by inducing catagen. This is the phase where hair growth gets stopped in the hair cycle and thereafter it damages the hair. It is also seen that unbearable amounts of stress can thus lead to hair fall.

Apart from this the addition to your stressful job, lack of sleep can also be a culprit which causes hair loss. Along with this certain other factors like your genetics, diet and lifestyle habits also come into play. If your hair loss is still in its initial stage, you can still arrest it. The following are a few tips to prevent the problem could be prevented to a certain extent:

Tips to prevent hair loss

  • You must try and get to sleep at least 8 hours of sleep in the night.
  • In case your job is too stressful, you could try meditation or yoga. This can help your mind to stay calm which can keep your mind calm.
  • Some believe that pressing certain acupressure points could also help control hair fall.  You could also try out regular head massage. This would help as it boosts blood circulation which prolongs the life of hair follicles.
  • According to some experts applying a mix of castor and sweet almond oil on your scalp also works wonders for the problem of hair loss. 
  • In case you happen to be a regular smoker, you must give it up or at least cut down on your smoking.
  • If you feel your hair fall is excessive,  then you might opt for certain permanent solutions like hair transplant surgery. However, you must ensure that you get the same done from a reliable hair transplant clinic under a renowned hair transplant surgeon.


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