There are so many people out there who suffer from the problem of hair loss. But due to Hair Transplantation Myths , people escape from opting for Hair Transplant. They are incredibly resilient in the fact that they bear with their suffering without taking help. There is assistance, easy and convenient, available in the form of hair transplantation. Reputed names in the business, like, can resolve the problem of hair loss through surgery.

Common hair transplantation myths Busted

However, instead of taking the easy way out, people with hair loss problem often fall prey to misinformation and rumors. They are not aware of what the process is about or the aftermath of the surgical procedure. As a result, hearsay rules in this domain. The funny part is that the prevalence of these myths is so pronounced that many do not even bother to check for facts!

Common Hair Transplantation Myths

In this post, we are trying to bust some of the hair transplantation myths . Let’s start with the most common one: the process costs a fortune! It is anything but that! With technology, you know how you are able to buy things at a much reduced price tag. Why should it not be so for a hair transplant job? In fact, if you look at stats, you will know that the cost of the procedure has gone done substantially in the last couple of years, what with technical innovation and progress.

Secondly, a myth that often does the rounds is that if you get this process done, the effects will wear off in a year or so, leaving you in the same or worse condition as you are now. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Hair transplantation is a permanent process. Once the grafted hair falls off and new follicles grow up, there is no reason why they should just drop off your scalp! With the process done, you can style your hair the way you want.

The third and equally common myth is that transplanted hair looks fake or unnatural. Our response to this is, take note that this is not a wig we are talking about here! The transplanted hair is your own tissue and cell. It is part of your body, much like the hair you have now. The process only plants hair follicles picked up from hairy regions on your scalp and grafted into the bald patches. No artificial hair is introduced or implanted. In such a scenario, how can the hair look unnatural? 

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