Rapid hair loss has become a menace in India. What is more worrying is that the problem is sparing no age group and becoming rampant amongst the youth. Hair style for most youth now becomes the basis of their self confidence. So balding at a young age could totally destroy their self esteem. The number of youth visiting hair loss clinics as a result has significantly increased as a result. The reasons for hair loss are many. These include hormonal causes like Androgenic Alopecia, certain lifestyle factors like stress and poor nutrition. The present lifestyle is all about “being on your toes” all the time. This is taking its toll on health as a whole, including rapid hair loss. In this blog we suggest some simple steps which will help you to prevent rapid hair loss.

Simple things you can do to prevent rapid hair loss

Diet holds the key: Some hair loss factors like hormonal factors may not be in your control. But what you can do is to decide what you will eat. With our lives getting fast we often tend to eat a lot of junk fast food. These have only empty calories but no nutrition. So you need to take in protein rich diet. Proteins become the building blocks of your hair. You must therefore have protein rich food in case you are suffering from rapid hair loss. You can also have vegetables like broccoli and spinach. They are filled with vitamins A and C, which help produce sebum—a scalp oil that works as a natural hair conditioner.

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Avoid frequent use of chemical treatments for your hair: You may indulge in frequent colouring of hair, ironing or exposing your hair to excessive blowing. While these may provide you with trendy hair style, but they also may severely damage your hair leading to hair loss. So prevent excess any of these.

Beware of the hair style you have: Certain hair styles put excessive tension on the hair follicles, making them weak. This over a long time damages the hair follicles. It is also known as “Traction Alopceia“. So have a hairstyle which would not cause excessive tension on your hair.

Always keep your hair and your hair scalp clean: Pollution, sweat and dirt in your hair and on the scalp may often damage your hair. It is important for you to keep your hair clean at all times. This will prevent dandruff from getting built on your scalp and help in hair loss prevention as a result.

Use the right comb and try not combing hair when wet: You must use combs which have wide tooth. Certain combs may cause your hair to easily snap and break. Besides make sure not to comb your hair when wet. This causes the hair to break easily.

Regular hair massages: Massaging the hair and your scalp with fingers and hands helps to improve the blood circulation in the scalp and thus promotes hair health. So you can try the same to prevent rapid hair loss.

In case you are suffering from excessive hair loss then you can try out the above mentioned steps to prevent the same. In case you are looking for hair loss treatments then Bye Bye Baldy is a leading hair treatment clinic in Kolkata. For further details please visits our website.  

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