Are you aware of the scalp tissue expansion? If not this is the latest developments in the field of cosmetic procedures. You would agree that our appearance makes a big difference in our lives. This is why more and more people are undergoing cosmetic procedures to make them look better. As more and more young people are falling prey to problems like rapid hair loss and baldness they are also resorting to cosmetic treatments. Through this blog we will try to provide you about a basic idea, what this procedure is all about.

Scalp Tissue expansion

What is Scalp tissue expansion?

The process of Scalp Tissue Expansion is now being considered as one of the most novel cosmetic procedures. In this cosmetic process an external tissue expander is used for the reconstruction of scalp and forehead defects. The procedure makes use of a balloon tissue expander. This balloon expander is placed surgically inside the scalp. It is about 4 to 10 weeks, following which the inner scalp is progressively filled with saline. It is then that the hair containing stretched tissue is used to cover over large scar area or bald areas of the scalp. This procedure provides impeccable results.

According to eminent cosmetic surgeons this is an ideal procedure for scalp repair. The reason is that the stretched skin on the scalp retains normal hair growth, whereas most of the normal body tissue does not grow hair to the same degree.

Understanding Tissue expander

A tissue expander is a balloon like material which is made of silicone. It can be filled up with saline or even with distilled water. The tissue expander is something which can be within a short period of time can expand up to 10 times of its capacity. Even with slow expansion the tissue expander can expand the scalp’s size to almost four to five times.

The best part about the tissue expander is that it can definitively allow it to cover or stretch over a specific area or bald area. However there are certain limitations. It is best that the frontal, temporal sides or the occipital back side is ideal for treatment instead of the top side of the head. For covering areas above 15 cms you would need 2 expanders.

Who can undergo such treatments?

Often people have small area of bald patches. This could be owing to many reasons, such as burns or injury during childhood, can opt for this treatment. This treatment is generally not recommended for baldness as there are different techniques to regrow the hair. But for smaller areas of bald patches, one can use this option to get good hair cover.

However be it hair transplant or any other cosmetic treatment you must ensure that the procedure is done by a renowned surgeon at the right clinic with all the facilities. Such procedures require expertise and if not carried out properly could lead to several complications. Thus to prevent any such unnecessary complications it is best to get it done by the right cosmetic surgeon. Byebye Baldy is one such leading hair loss treatment clinic where surgeries are done by Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the field. To know more please visit our website.


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