You are most likely to assume that doctors handle all the procedures connected to a hair transplant surgery. That is quite far from the truth, especially among hair transplant clinics run by individual doctors. The economics is quite simple indeed. When you find ads informing you about exorbitant discounts on hair transplantation, it actually means that the process will be carried out by undergrads, assisted by untrained nurses.

Think it over. If a doctor qualified to do the job hires more seasoned hands for this task, the profit margin goes down. Such an arrangement will not be able to offer such a huge discount and still break even. Most people who approach such clinics are unaware of this fact. They are lured entirely by the sight of high discounts, endangering their body to infections and side-effects of an otherwise perfectly safe procedure.

Hair transplant Surgery Process

To ensure that you are not duped into believing that whichever the clinic you opt for, a doctor will work on every little aspect of the process, we are putting this information out for you. A hair transplant surgery involves 4 steps in the more popular FUE method. These steps are extracting the follicles from the donor area, additional trimming and graft counting, creating the recipient area with the help of needle or blade incisions and finally, inserting the grafts in the recipient area.

All of these steps require careful handling and precision work. However, most clinics prefer to entrust much of the job to unqualified hands, risking the very success of the hair transplant surgery. You are completely in the dark, largely due to the lack of knowledge on your part and the lack of transparency on the part of the clinic. You have to be careful about these details before you sign up for the process. You need to ask some questions and proceed only if you receive satisfactory answers.

For starters, you need to ask the doctor about the extent of their role. At ByeByeBaldy, we can assure you that the entire process is handled by qualified and experienced professional. We leave nothing to chance, no matter how minor the procedure or a part of it. This is the reason why we hire professional hands on deck, cutting into our own profit margins in the process. Our zero compromise policy has won us the trust and faith of numerous satisfied customers over the years.

Speak to our team at today and get your queries answered.

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