In a recent development an Indian doctor specializing in Cosmetic dermatology has acquired the US Patent for hair re-growth. The formula is named as the QR 678.  The problem of hair loss is something which has become a major problem for many, especially the youth. They have many adverse psychological impacts like low self image and even depression in extreme cases. They could therefore go to almost any extent to have this menacing problem rectified at any cost.
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What this new hair re-growth formula means?

The molecules in QR 678 would help to stimulate and in the hair re-growth. This is helpful for people with different types of hair loss. It also includes those who have undergone Chemotherapy. Intra-dermal injections of this hair formulation are a promising option for treating both the male as well as female patterns loss of hair. It is also very helpful for treating patients who have continuing hair loss, post hair transplant surgery and those who have lost hair post Chemotherapy.

A study was conducted recently which had 1000 individuals, 680 males and 320 female patients. They were in the age group of 20-60yrs. They were given intradermal injections of a hair formulation, into the scalp skin, for hair loss. Following this Hair Pull Test was done. This was done mainly to determine how tightly the hair is anchored. Video-microscopic and global images were taken at baseline, at the 4th session, at the 8th session and 2 months after the completion of the 8 sessions. Certain relevant safety assessments, by means of physical examination, questionnaires and appropriate laboratory examination were conducted throughout the study. It has shown satisfactory results. The results were also found to be successful on a 13 year old boy who had developed few patches of Alopecia Areata which had developed after undergoing radiation therapy after a brain tumor removal surgery.

With the progress being made, this formula could be a major way of treating hair loss in India. There have of course been other major developments in the field in recent times. These include the treating hair loss through platelet rich plasma therapy. We have kept you aware about the same through some of our earlier blogs. Byebye Baldy is one of the leading hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata. We offer the latest treatments for treating hair loss which includes hair transplant surgeries as well. To know more about the hair loss treatments we offer at our clinic please visit our website.   


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