Losing hair rapidly and becoming bald at a young age in the 20s has become quite common nowadays. The reasons for this menace range from hormonal factors like Androgenic Alopecia to lifestyle factors like stress and lack of nutrition. As a youngster becoming bald can be extremely tough for you. This can affect not only your corporate life but also your relationships as well. So the problem is indeed serious and getting the problem rectified is absolutely necessary.

Thus our aim has always been to keep you updated with the latest in the hair loss treatment. Since the problem is serious we know that you would like to want to leave no stone unturned. This includes spending heavily in this regard. However before you spend heavily on any treatment always ensure that you have the best return and it yields results. 

Common procedures used at present for Hair Loss Treatment

With the growing problem, to make business almost every clinic has a solution to offer. They not only make tall claims about effectiveness but also their ones they offer are at the lowest price. At present treatments may include intake of supplements, certain medications and scalp solutions. The single most permanent and popular solution is Hair transplantation. But as more and more people are falling prey to this problem, a lot of research has been done in the field.

The latest research in the field

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Researchers based in the US are now testing a new method to tackle the rapid hair loss problem. It involves in making a gel from the patient’s blood and injecting the same into the scalp. The gel contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is a concentrated mix of components in the blood that aid cell growth and in healing.

The process begins by taking a small quantity of blood from the patient’s arm and is then processed in a machine to obtain the PRP. The machine spills blood at high speed because of which the blood is split into its components which are plasma, Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and White blood cell. The PRP at present is involved in the treatment of tendon injuries and burns. PRP is being tested for treating hair loss, mainly which account for Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) from Androgenic Alopecia

What the experts have to say?

Some Indian experts are of the opinion that potential of PRP is promising and could be the next big thing in hair loss treatment. In fact this treatment is also being available locally in India too. This treatment is known as PRP Therapy. The experts who conduct such type of treatment say that women patients who are young and generally below 25 years opt for this treatment. Whereas patients above 40 years who are not willing to undergo PRP therapy. 

In conclusion we can say, that though the results from PRP therapy for treatment of hair loss seems promising at present, but there is still a long way to go. When it comes to hair loss treatment, ByeByeBaldy is a leader. So with us you can always have the best hair loss treatment which would yield effective results. To know more about the latest in hair loss treatments keep following our blog section under ByeByeBaldy.

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