It is summertime again and extremely hot again. It is usually seen that it is generally during the dry months of winter that skin care and hair care becomes more essential. It is owing to the dryness during winter which might lead to hair loss usually. But there may be instances even the summer heat could be harsh on your hair and skin as well. The good thing though is that you could control such type of hair loss in summers with some natural remedies. Let us look ate of the 5 important ones:


  • Oil massage on your hair and scalp


Much of the hair loss during any time of the year is due to undernourished hair. One way to provide nourishment to your hair is with a warm oil massage. This is what can provide better nourishment to your hair roots and thus helps in prevention of hair loss at any point of time including the summers.


  • Using natural hair products


What hair products you use could go a long way to determine the overall quality of your hair. Certain products which have strong chemicals in them could prove to be very harmful and thus cause significant damage to your hair. This could lead to rapid hair loss and baldness. Thus for your hair it is best that you opt for hair care products which are natural and mild on your hair.


  • Diet


What we eat has direct impact on your health including hair health. You need to have a well balanced diet which is full of nutrition. Healthy hair needs plenty of nutrients like protein, calcium and other minerals and vitamins. So you need to have plenty of fruits and vegetables and dairy products to provide maximum strength to your hair.


  • Hydration


During the summers we tend to get dehydrated very fast. This is due to the excess heat. Drinking plenty water is what acts as a natural for many several health conditions. By drinking large amounts of water we can flush out the toxins from our body and thus stay healthy.


  • Fruit extracts


During summers too the scalp can sometimes become dry. A dry scalp is what could lead to rapid hair loss. Natural fruit extracts like Aloe-Vera juice and wheat –grass can combat a dry scalp and also hair loss due to it.



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