Winter is here! It happens to be the favorite season for most of those residing in Kolkata and its surroundings. It is the one season most of us look forward to for picnics, outings or get together terrace parties. Health wise too it is one of the better seasons for most. Yet the arrival of winter also means winter dry skin for many of us. Thus skin care and hair care is very essential during this season. If you have dry skin you need extra care. In this blog we will discuss some of the important tips which you need to take to avoid hair fall in winter.

Do You Know Why Hair Loss in Winter Increases?

reduce hair loss in winter | Hair loss treatment | Hair Transplant clinic in KolkataIf you notice that you are having hair loss in winter then you must understand why it happens. In the winter seasons our skin, our scalp and hair becomes naturally dry. Dry hair is vulnerable to breakage triggering hair fall during the cold season. The scalp also gets dry to the cold and dandruff appears. An unhealthy scalp coupled with unhealthy hairs causes hair loss. So in order to prevent this from happening you need to take certain simple steps and slight change in your daily home care routine.

Simple steps for prevention of hair loss in winter.

Oil massage your hair frequently

Oil massages can play a vital role in winters for hair care. Almond oil and olive oil provide skin and your scalp with vitamins and fatty acids. These essential ingredients boost both the health of your skin as well as the scalp. Sebum is the oil which is produced by our body which acts as a natural moisturizer. Jojoba oil is another ingredient similar to sebum. This gets easily absorbed in the skin and scalp and helps in the retention of moisture during the dry winters.

Avoid frequent shampooing during winters

Frequent shampooing during the winter season can make your hair very dry and brittle, causing it break and leading to hair loss in winter. So you must try to avoid frequent shampooing in the cold season. When you shampoo use the ones which are specifically meant for the winters. You must also try to avoid shampoos which have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate.

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Use of ginger juice is very helpful

Dandruff is a major cause of hair fall in winters. One of the good ways of preventing dandruff is by ginger. You could grate some ginger and squeeze out the juice. This juice is to be applied to your scalp and left for about an hour. Following this step you can just the juice applied with water.

Have a healthy diet to prevent hair fall

You must have a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. You need to have plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts in your daily diet. This will ensure that proper nutrition is provided to your hair and skin. Thus hair fall can be controlled to some extent with the intake of the right nutrition.

In conclusion we can say that the cold winters may be indeed very harsh on your skin and hair. But by following the above mentioned steps we hope that you can prevent hair loss in the winters. To stay in touch with the latest in hair treatments follow the informative blogs of ByeByeBaldy a leading hair treatment clinic in Kolkata.

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