Hair loss is quite common among both men and women. In fact, it is quite natural as well to lose hair every day. 50 to 100 strands of hair are lost daily anyway, following the rules of biology. When you brush your hair and find some strands attached to the comb, there is no point in getting unduly worried. Hair is lost and replenished daily. If the process of hair growing back is hampered, it is only then that you begin to notice the hair thinning from your scalp.

Hair loss - hair transplantation surgery in kolkata

Causes Of Hair Loss :

Hair loss can be attributed to a number of causes. The most common among them is hormonal imbalance. Let us talk about hair loss in women as an example. Women who are nearing menopause or are past that point often find their hair thinning. This thinning is the cause of hormonal disturbances in the body. During menopause and post it, the production of estrogen by the ovaries stops. The ratio of hormones in the body is disturbed, leading to hair loss.
This period may also bring about another change in the hair growth pattern. While hair from the scalp is lost, hair may sprout up at other places like the chin or upper lip. It is not just menopause when the hormones in a woman’s body goes for a toss. It can happen during pregnancy or other major illnesses. A doctor can prescribe medicines and bring this disturbance under control. However, the lost hair is usually not compensated and if you want your hair to look like it did before this period of hair loss, hair transplantation is your way out.

Hair loss can be the result of genetic problems. Technically, this kind of hair loss is called Alopecia Areata. Due to this genetic reason, men lose large swathes of hair from the scalp, exposing ugly bald patches. This usually affects the crown of the scalp and hair is present on the sides of the head. If you try hair transplantation during this stage, hair from the surplus areas of the head is grafted to the bald patch on the crown of the head.
There are some lifestyle changes that you can undergo to combat hair loss. Exposure to pollution and especially hair products with harsh chemical ingredients should be minimized. Women can opt for freer, lighter hairstyles instead of tightly wrapped buns. The idea is to let the hair follicles breathe freely. After washing hair, do not rub it dry harshly as the follicles are soft and fragile then.

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