Hair loss is irretrievable. Once gone, it is not possible for the hair to grow back naturally. You need an invasive procedure like hair transplantation to graft hair follicles back into those bald regions of the scalp. For people who already have bald patches on their scalp, hair transplant is the only way out. However, for people who are beginning to feel that they are losing hair in abnormal amounts, there are many natural ways to reduce hair loss.

Reduce Hair Loss

The most common and probably effective hair loss treatment is the application of hot oil on the scalp. You can try out this remedy at home without any hiccups. All you have to do is take any natural oil, like coconut or olive. Warm up the oil. Do not boil! Once it is warm, apply it gently on the scalp. Massage it nicely. Then, put on a shower cap and leave it overnight. Natural oil can seep into the pores in the scalp and replenish the roots of the hair follicles.

A similar kind of effective is possible through the application of natural juices. Juices of onion, garlic and ginger are known to be beneficial for the hair follicles. These natural juices make the follicles stronger, binding them to the scalp, bringing down hair loss levels. You need to apply the natural juices in your hair and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it off and your hair will look much healthier.

A head massage is quite effective to reduce hair loss. A head massage can increase blood circulation in the scalp. With improved hair circulation, the hair follicles thrive in an improved condition. Before massaging the hair follicles, apply a base of lavender oil. You can also use bay essential oil with a sesame or almond base. These natural ingredients are quite effective in boosting hair growth. They are also quite useful in keeping the scalp calm through the day.

Antioxidants like the residue of tea leaves can be excellent for the hair. You can apply green tea extract to your hair. Take a cup and immerse two bags of green tea. Use warm water to soak the bags. Now apply this to your scalp and leave it on for the night. The antioxidant components in the green tea leaves will help boost hair growth.

Finally, this is not strictly a remedy but a healthy lifestyle is most important to reduce hair loss. Hair fall can happen when you are tensed and perpetually worried. Meditate and exercise daily. That will help you immensely.

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