Baldness definitely has a graver impact on men compared to women, mainly because of the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT. With advancement of technology, the lives of young men have seen a major shift towards a very stressful condition and elongated work hours. Irregular pattern of lifestyle, sleep habit, quality of water used, pollution, bad food habits have quite a negative impact which results in Hair Fall. Expert Surgeon will help you in Hair Loss Treatment.

Why young men adopting hair Loss Treatment?

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Economic condition getting better:

According to many doctors, more than 60% of their patients suffering from excessive hair loss are aged between 25 and 30. Previously, men aged between 40 and 60 were primarily the victim. With time, the concern has seeped in the psychology of all men aged between 21 and 22. This often leads to the decision of hair transplant.

Work on looks:

Beauty is no more a girl’s domain altogether. Men have started working on their looks too. Previously, only women focused minutely on how they looked. With time, more and more men have started showing interest in looking gorgeous, especially at a young age.

Change in social life:

The right amount of hair and proper styling helps an individual gain confidence with personality upliftment. As a result, you get to have better, social circle, friends and a very healthy social lifestyle.

Improved relationship with spouse:

Usually men plan to get married at the age of 25-30. Often receding hairline becomes the reason for their not finding a suitable life partner. So, investment in hair transplant seems to be a great step ahead to finding a good spouse and leading happily married life.

Career advancement:

In the very competitive age as this is, it is of prime importance to look strong and powerful to climb up the corporate ladder. Looking young and handsome can help a man feel confident at the workplace. Heightened level of confidence due to being well-groomed surely increases the confidence of an individual to crack an interview for his dream job.

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Different hair loss treatment methods:

In the hair transplant process, some hair follicles are removed from the back of a person’s head and they are transplanted at the front bald area. This procedure is safe with almost no possibility of side effects. This surgery conducted on men at an early age can result in a better chance of hair growth as the donor area is comparatively healthier. There are multiple hair transplantation methods like, Strip method, Perfect and FUE transplant. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Only experienced doctors can suggest the right choice for you.

If there is enough chance of the young generation to gain confidence through the process of hair transplant, why should men suffer from a brooding and upsetting spell of excessive hair-loss?

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