Till date we have discovered many causes of Hair Loss. Adding to the chart comes another cause, i.e., the medical reasons behind hair loss. As they say, knowledge about a disease often is a part of the cure. Once you know what you are dealing with, the job of dealing becomes so much easier. Hair loss is an issue that often owes its genesis to medical reasons. Yes, there are external factors like pollution, excessive use of cosmetics and hair products and some internal ones related to hereditary reasons. However, there are also times when diseases or conditions, even syndromes are responsible for hair loss.

Look at the problem of thyroidism. This is a condition where the thyroid gland of the body is unable to secrete hormones in required amounts. It may secrete more than necessary or less than that. This causes an imbalance of hormones in the body, resulting in hair loss. Thinning of the hair on the scalp, dry hair and hair fall are some of the symptoms of the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. You need medication from an endocrinologist to combat this problem. This is not an issue that has anything cosmetic about it!

Hair fall in women can often be the cause of polycystic ovaries. It is called poly-cystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. Due to cysts in the ovary, just as in the case of thyroid glands, hormone secretion is disturbed. It causes imbalance and affects hair growth. This results in hair loss among women, among other problems.

There are other medical conditions like alopecia areata. This is a condition when hair loss is acute, with no signs of letting down. There are ugly bald patches on the scalp. Spot baldness is common among people suffering from this condition. Some may lose their hair completely. Another reason why a person may lose the hair entirely is due to scalp infections caused by microorganisms like ringworm.

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There are medications to combat almost all of these problems that cause hair loss. The downside is that these medications can bring a stop to the spread of the problem or even cure it but not the hair loss. The lost hair is an irrevocable loss and there is only one way to bring it back: hair transplantation. You can continue with medications to treat your medical condition that has brought about hair loss while you get the hair transplant job done.

You need to speak to an expert at byebyebaldy.com and chart your course to look like yourself again!  

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