The problems of having a dry and itchy scalp are many. It could often be embarrassing for you if you have to dust off white specks off from your black T-Shirt when you are next to someone. Not to mention the discomfort you have to go through due to an itchy scalp with people around you. Apart from the embarrassment there are even greater risks of problems related to rapid hair loss and baldness. Experts in the field claim that more than half of India’s adult population suffers from this condition and the problem must be effectively treated.

Why the problem occurs?

According to experts in the field, a dry scalp is essentially the result of the skin not producing or holding enough moisture. It is often noted that the scalp dryness irritates the scalp. This mostly, leads to itching and fine flaking. This condition if neglected could later cause dandruff. In case you find that your scalp is dry, then it is possible that the skin on other parts of the body could be dry too. Thus it could lead to dry hair as well.

Dandruff and dry scalp

Dandruff is caused by excess oil production of oil. On the other hand, dry scalp happens because of a lack of moisture in the scalp. The symptoms for dandruff include large white or yellow flakes present on an itchy and greasy scalp. In comparison, the symptoms for a dry scalp include small white flakes present on an itchy and extremely dry scalp and hair. Treating dandruff, mainly focuses on treatment on reducing oil present in the scalp. It is seen that the treatment for a dry scalp focuses on increasing moisture in the scalp. It is to be noted that Dandruff is controllable; however, a dry scalp is curable.

Treating dry scalp

You much watch what you eat. You need to ensure that your hair mains hydrated through the right diet to treat a dry scalp. You must have food which is rich in zinc. These include whole grains, sea food, poultry, sea food nuts and similar type of food. Apart from this you must also have cold water fish which are rich in Omega 3 Fatty habits which have a many health benefits including hair and scalp health.

To conclude we hope we have been able to provide you with some basic tips for treating dry scalp which in the long run would also help to prevent rapid hair loss and baldness.


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