Ayurveda in India since ancient times have been advocating the use of various oils for many therapeutic benefits. These have been known to enhance beauty and health. As a woman we are sure that you always would like to have long and healthy hair. It is in accordance with your need we have through various blogs tried to make you aware of ways not only to treat hair loss, but at the same time how you could have healthy hair. For example you might have come across the blog titled WHY IS HAIR SPA SO ESSENTIAL TO AVOID RAPID HAIR LOSSBy reading this blog you would know the many benefits of using hair oil for having healthy hair.

How Hair Oils Can help you in achieving healthy hair?

Coconut oil

Of all the hair oils you may know, you must already be knowing that Coconut oil is probably the most popular. There are reasons for that as well. The use of coconut oil would help to strengthen your hair and at the same time makes it more thick and shiny. Hot oil therapy with coconut oil is also known to be very beneficial for having healthy hair. In order to derive maximum benefits you could warm coconut oil and apply it on the scalp at night and leave it on overnight. It is said to restore health to damaged hair and prevent split ends, according to hair experts.

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Olive oil

You can use pure olive oil for both skin as well as hair. It is mainly used to soften and nourish your skin and hair. Olive oil has excellent anti oxidant properties. It also has certain vitamins and minerals which have many benefits on hair and skin. It can help in restoring the normal acid-alkaline balance of your scalp. Thus you can use it if you have oily hair with dandruff.

Castor Oil

You can use Castor oil mainly if you have hair conditions such as dry, brittle and damaged hair. It is also known to darken the hair. Although it will not turn white hair into black, but will darken hair that has become brownish due to sun-exposure or nutritional deficiencies. 

According to reputed hair transplant surgeons you should always shampoo and rinse the hair well after its application, so that oily residue does not remain on the scalp. 

You also need to take care of your diet

Along with your skin, your hair is a reliable indicator of the state of your health and well being. When you are fit and healthy internally, it will automatically reflect in your skin and hair too. So if you are suffering from stress, poor diet, or any form of ill-health, the visible sign will show on your hairs. Thus along with application of hair oils you need to take of your diet as well.

In conclusion we can say that the use of hair oils mentioned above will indeed help you to have healthy hair. To know more about useful facts relating to hair, please visit our website.

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