If you are losing hair rapidly, then your hairstyle could be a primary cause for the same. In fact some studies now show that certain hairstyles may make people lose their hair faster. There is a strong correlation between certain hair scalp pulling styles and the development of hair loss. The hair loss which occurs as a result of a pulling force is also known as “Traction Alopecia“.

Traction Alopecia: What it is?

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When gradual hair loss primarily occurs as a result of a pulling force being applied on the hair it is called as Traction Alopecia. It has been seen that a huge number of women suffer from Traction Alopecia. When repeated force is applied to the hair over a prolonged period of time, then the repeated tension damages the hair follicles. This leads to the hair loss. So you must always ensure that the hairstyle you choose does not cause prolonged tension on your hair. 

For the youth: hair forms the cornerstone of Self esteem and confidence

Experts feel that for most of the youth their hair and hairstyle form the cornerstone of their self confidence and self esteem. Yet ironically this is also what primarily leads to the rapid loss and damage to the scalp. The good news is that if you are losing hair rapidly owing to Traction Alopecia then the same is fully preventable. With early intervention the whole process is also entirely reversible. Hair experts categorize hair practices into low, moderate and high-risk styles based on the degree to which follicles are exposed to tension, heatweight and hair-altering chemicals, which include strengtheners.

The categories of risks of hair loss from hair practices

Low risk styles are the ones in which follicles faces low-tension. These include loose buns and wearing the hair down. These hair practices decrease the amount of friction on the hair and scalp. They also avoid chemical relaxers.

There are some hairstyle practices that are considered to be moderately risky. These are hairstyles which cause prolonged tension on the hair but are performed on natural, unprocessed hair. Since these are performed on unprocessed hair they are considered to be moderately risky for hair loss

Highly risky hair styles are braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions, especially when applied to chemically straightened hair. Owing to these hairstyles the constant pulling of hair in the same direction, tight locking patterns and added weight in these hair styles significantly damage the hair follicles. This results in significant breakage and traction alopecia.

So if you are suffering from rapid hair loss, your hair style could be a primary cause for the same. So you need to consult a renowned hair expert who can counsel you in this matter. There of course may be other reasons  as well. These could be Androgenic Alopecia which occurs on account of hormonal imbalance, as well as stress and other lifestyle factors. ByeByeBaldy is one of the leading hair clinics in Kolkata which provides the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata. For further details visit our website.

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