We live in times when the problem of rapid hair loss and baldness has become a major concern for the youth in India. You might often find hair strands at the back of shirts, entangled in combs, on your pillow and at times even at your work desk. There are of course many reasons for hair loss which may due to hereditary reasons, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances. But along with these the problem could get worse with some daily habits. Let us look at the ones which we need to avoid.

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  • Washing hair in hot water


During winters a hot water bath may be very refreshing, yet your hair needs to be spared the heat. This is what can cause dehydration of your hair; make it brittle and thus vulnerable to easy breakage. This is what is harsh on your scalp and strip it of the natural oil present in it.


  • Aggressive combing and drying


Aggressive comb of your hair may also be a cause for rapid hair loss. Try not to comb your hair when it is wet. Brushing or drying your hair aggressively is what makes the hair root weak and thus it becomes more susceptible to hair loss and baldness.


  • Excessive use of hair styling products


With more and more people wanting to look smarter and trendier hair colouring and styling is what many are resorting to. You must realize that excessive use of these hair styling products might help you in looking good. But the strong chemicals present in most of these products may damage your hair in the long run and make them rough, ultimately leading to hair loss.


  • Not using hair oils


Often you may resent the idea of oiling your hair at regular intervals, may be owing to the smell or something else. But lack of use of hair oil might mean that your hair could get nutrient deficient and weak. Thus oil your hair to provide it nutrition.


  • Skipping meals


This is another cause of hair loss owing to lack of nutrition in your body. So try not to skip meals.


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