Hair transplantation is the only definite recipe for alopecia which is very much prevalent nowadays.Hair transplantation is performed by so many medics,paramedics and even by quacks but Plastic surgeon is the right choice declared by Medical Council Of India.Different types of methods have evolved for hair transplantation in different parts of country as well as India of which Kolkata, the city of Joy is now the leading city as per number of cases,costs and techniques are concerned. Byebyebaldy is  one of the famous clinic in Kolkata run by eminent Plastic surgeon Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha. He performs hair transplantation along with his assistants with vast experience in this field at a very affordable cost. He continuously monitor the case and remains engaged throughout the procedure which makes his hair transplantation successful. He never ever performs hair transplantation in his clinic with compromised facility but he always does it in a full fledged operative theatre.

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Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Surgery | Kolkata Hair Transplant

I met a friend of mine who is a professional person in a hotel business,he uses to sit in front desk of star category hotel.He was quite fine with his job and earn a fat salary till he started losing his hairs on frontoparietal region.he also gives me the history of male pattern baldness in his family and also in his maternal side. He got a threat from his superior for his baldy look for which he might lose his job or he may be asked to be withdrawn from his front desk. He was also said about curtail of his salary. He was very much upset for his baldness and suddenly came to my clinic Byebyebaldy. I assured him and he underwent hair transplantation with 2200 hair grafts. Now after almost 9 months he is happy in his new look and confident on his chair. He is no more depressed and his job is not compromised.

Thank you my friend.

May God bless you.


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