Hair transplantation has become extremely popular for treating hair loss worldwide. More and more people in India are falling prey to rapid hair loss and baldness. This problem is affecting all groups including the youth, which is why they are looking out for effective treatments to treat the problem. In recent times hair transplantation has been a very effective treatment for treating rapid hair loss. This is not just in India but worldwide. We at Byebye Baldy offer one of the best hair loss treatments in Kolkata including hair transplantation as well. In this blog we take a look at the market trends for hair transplant treatment worldwide including India.

Trends of Hair loss treatments worldwide

Hair transplant market has been evaluated to be rapidly growing market worldwide. It is also expected to continue growing rapidly in the future. Hair loss is one of the major problems globally and awareness about the treatments available has grown too. It is this awareness about hair loss treatments which is driving growth for hair transplantation as well. According to International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2014, more than 1 million hair transplant surgeries were performed globally. The study states that out of the total surgeries performed 89% were targeted at the scalp area and 11% were targeted in the non scalp areas.

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Experts in the field are of the opinion the factors which caused the demand for hair transplantation include factors like rising stress level, changing lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, increasing prevalence of number of dermatologic disorders, and increasing consumption of alcohol. The study also claims that there is a 76% rise in hair restoration procedures in between 2006 and 2014. The trend is also account of more and more people are ready to spend about the appearance and ready to spend more money to look good.

Current Hair Transplant Market Size

The global hair transplant market is also projected to reach USD 23,882 million in 2023 from USD 4128 in the year 2016. This is with a CAGR of 24% for the forecasted period. Regionally speaking, the Americas accounts for the largest market worldwide. The Asia Pacific region is also one of the rapidly growing markets, with India being one of the growing markets.

You need to be careful where you get your hair transplantation surgery done

Though the popularity of hair transplantation has grown rapidly, but in case you plan to have the procedure done you need to be careful. You need to be sure both about the hair sit transplant surgeon who is to perform the surgery as well as the hair transplant clinic where the surgery is to be performed. If the surgery is not done correctly and the post surgery precautions are not duly taken then it could lead to various complications and side effects.

At Byebye Baldy hair transplant surgeries are performed by Dr. Jayanta Kr. Saha, who is a very renowned hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeon. He is having a wide experience and carried out a large number of successful surgeries in the field. To know more about the hair transplantation treatment offered, visit our website.


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