Hair transplantation is a modern technique by which hair is harvested from back of head which is genetically resistant to balding area like fronto-parietal region, vertex, it is also meant for eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache, chest hair and pubic hair. Two types of hair transplantation are mainly advocated nowadays, FUT and FUE techniques in Byebyebaldy clinic in kolkata.

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Preoperative scalp analysis is must to rule out hair density of donor site for which folliscopy can be used. Scalp infection can be treated with prior administration of antibiotics. Alcohol and smoking cause poor graft survival henceforth they should be refrained of. Depending upon number of grafts single or multiple sessions may be contemplated.

Hair transplantation techniques are many but only two techniques are used in ByeByeBaldy because of their merits. Although all techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages but proper harvesting of hair grafts is pearl of hair transplantation. Injured follicles during harvest may result in poor result.

Postoperative care should be proper with semipermeable dressing. Shampooing should start after two to three days to prevent scab formation around newly grafted hairs. Scab around follicles may damage newly transplanted hairs. There may be loss of untreated hairs following hair transplanted which is called Shock loss which can be lessened by local application of minoxidil solution. Shock loss is a temporary phenomenon and swelling of forehead and eyes are another hiccup. Application of ice cubes and medications can ease these side effects.

Hair transplantation is a tool of beautification in male as well as female. It is done under local anaesthesia in Byebyebaldy clinic by Dr.Jayanta Kumar Saha and his team with vast knowledge in this arena. He himself remains present throughout the procedure which makes all his procedures successful. If you any doubt in hair transplantation please come forward and take an appointment with Dr.Saha. He will clarify all your doubts and once you are satisfied then only you undergo for hair transplantation. Byebyebaldy clinic is mainly meant for middle class people with a dream in their mind to become beautiful and remove baldness. Hair restoration is also medically treated here where baldness is not so advanced and medication has got role in it. All the best for your new look, may your dream become successful in Byebyebaldy clinic.

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