With a huge number of the Indian youth suffering from rapid hair loss, they always look for solutions to the problem. One very effective treatment to the ever growing problem is through “hair transplantation”. Though very effective if done correctly under a reliable hair transplantation surgeon, there are many questions which may come to your mind. The following are some common queries which we have answered:

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How does hair transplantation work?

In this process, the hair transplant surgeon take hair from other areas of the head which has more dense hair. This could be the back of the scalp and transplants the same into the balding region. This is what creates new hair in the bald section. Following the process you can get your own natural hair growing back on the scalp, that too in a permanent manner.

Hair Transplantation – Is the process safe?

If you are suffering from rapid hair loss then we can understand that you are always worried about the side effects of the various treatments involved. The one thing about hair transplantation to note is that it is very safe, provided it is carried out from the hair transplant clinic under an eminent hair transplantation surgeon. The procedure is carried under local anaesthesia and recovery is fast if done rightly.

Hair Transplantation – When could results be seen?

There is another anxiety amongst patients in regard to how long it might take for results to be seen. It is true that you could see the transplanted hair immediately after surgery. But it would take at least 9 to 12 months before the transplanted hair grows to the normal hair’s length. This is when you would actually be able to see the real results and assess how effective the process is. One needs to be really patient, following the hair transplantation surgery.

Hair Transplantation – How to maintain the transplanted hair?

You need not worry about your newly transplanted hair. You do not need any extra care and just like other hair it can be washed, combed, oiled and styled. So you need not worry.

The only thing you need to consider is that the procedure is done under the right hair transplantation surgeon.



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