In a recent case to deal with unethical practices to treat baldness, a district consumer forum here directed a private clinic in Hyderabad to refund Rs 50,000 to a customer. The subject customer had paid a fee for treatment for baldness. But the treatment yielded no results. The forum also directed the centre to cough up an additional Rs 25,000 as compensation for harassment and making false promises.

The judgement which was issued on February 16, cited specific guidelines of the ministry of health and family welfare on stem cell therapy. The forum upheld how use of the procedure for any purpose outside the domain of clinical trials was considered unethical. This particular only highlights how some of the hair treatment clinics are resorting to unethical practices for treating hair loss. Thus in case you are suffering from rapid hair loss and seeking treatment you need to be careful.

The growing popularity of hair transplantation in India

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It is true that hair loss has become a menacing problem for the youth in India. With it the popularity of treatments like hair transplants have grown rapidly as well. Thus hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata too have mushroomed up in every nook and corner of the city. Most of them claim to provide the best hair transplantation at the most economical rates. In your desperation to treat baldness you may hastily fall prey to such false promises. So you need to be careful before going in for the hair loss treatment. Here are some points which you need to consider:

  • Do your research 

You need to do a detailed research about the hair transplant clinic and the hair transplant surgeon and choose a properly trained and licensed dermatologist. You must never compromise on the quality or safety as for successful treatment. Both these factors are extremely important. You must, therefore, check the proven record of the surgeon who would perform the procedure. It is necessary that you pay a bit more than risking the entire procedure. 

  • Get information about the hair transplant doctor and the infrastructure of the clinic

As mentioned above the surgeon who would carry out the hair transplant surgery holds the key to the success and the safety of the entire process. So you must try to gather as much information about the surgeon. Besides you also need to gather information about the facilities and the infrastructure of the clinic where the surgery is to be performed. Post surgery care is also very important and your doctor must be able to guide you in regard to post surgery care which is needed.

So don’t fall prey to the cheap marketing tricks and risk your health. Follow the above mentioned tips to find the right hair transplant surgeon or hair transplantation clinic in Kolkata.

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