Are you residing in Bengal and looking for best Hair Transplant in Kolkata? Then you are at the right place. Let us discover popularity and safety of Hair Transplant . Today in this fast changing dynamic world everyone wants to look smart and young. This is not only a social need, but even at workplace, looking and staying young has become almost imperative since corporate houses always want a young workforce. Even though so much importance is being put on one’s appearance, the cases of premature hair loss and baldness even amongst the youth are increasing by leaps and bound in India. Only about a decade ago, normally men in their forties would normally visit hair clinics for hair loss treatments, but now even teenagers as young as sixteen are also falling prey to this menace of hair loss and baldness. With fast moving life, improper lifestyle habits like junk food, lack of adequate rest, skipping meals, rising pollution, and unbearable stress levels are all contributing to this problem apart from hormone related ones like “Androgenic Alopecia”. Thus both men and women from all age groups are now looking for hair loss and baldness treatment solutions in India like never before. As a leading Hair Transplant in Kolkata we at bybyebaldy examine the latest hair loss and baldness treatments:

It is generally believed that if one looses about 100 strands of hair a day, it may be considered normal, but if the hair loss is in much excess of that, and that too if it is consistent over a period of that, then a visit to Hair Treatment Clinic is necessary.

Hair Transplant in Kolkata - hair transplantation surgery clinic in kolkata

One of the most popular forms of hair loss and baldness treatments is through Hair Transplantation or Hair Reconstruction surgeries. Hair transplantation also known as hair grafting has become not only very popular but also much safer, than what it used to be in the past.

Hair Transplant – The procedure

Hair Transplant also known as Hair Grafting is a particular cosmetic surgery type wherein hair is collected from the back of the head as well as different body parts. Thereafter they are implanted in the bald areas of the scalp of the head which may in the centre point of the head or the front.

The second method of Hair Transplantation are through Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – is the procedure wherein strands of hair follicles from the back of the head is harvested after being dissected under the microscope. These are kept in saline water. The portion of the scalp where in this is to be implanted is pierced with needle and the hair follicles kept in the saline water is implanted.

Follicular Unite Extraction (FUE) – is the latest technique in which hair follicles are extracted from back of the scalp and different parts of the body and transplanted into the areas which are bald or lack hair.

Both the techniques are carried out under local anesthesia. Though both techniques are used in Hair transplant, in most cases former is preferred over the latter. In spite of the advancement in Hair Transplant treatments, certain side –effects like improper hair, and misdirected hair can in no way be ruled out. This is why post operative care in case of Hair Transplantation is of utmost importance. Another important point is that that one needs to be patient in case of hair transplantation surgeries. It is generally seen that normally it takes about 1 year for the full results of the treatment to show up. So even if you are suffering from loss of hair and baldness, you need not worry. Hair Treatment surgeries are much safer with us at byebyebaldy, the best Hair Transplant in Kolkata.

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