Your hair plays an important role in your life. In some ways your hair is a reflection of your identity. Many women feel that a bad hair day equals a bad day: when a woman’s hair is too fine, too frizzy, too dry, turning grey or falling out, her self-esteem is seriously affected. There is a close relationship between your hair and your self-esteem. Being into the treatment of hair loss since long we thought it would be good to make you aware of some of the hair related myths you might have grown up believing.

hair related myths

Hair related Myths you must ignore

Plucking one grey hair may lead to two growing back instead

Initially when someone’s hair turns grey, there is a tendency for some to pluck out. Often if you have an elderly person in the house who notices this, he or she may often ask not to do so stating that it would lead to more grey hair. This particular myth probably started because people plucked one grey hair, then noticed more afterwards. However you can’t blame this on plucking. Hair turns grey naturally and not because some are plucked.

Cutting your hair frequently can make it grow faster

Trimming in every eight to nine weeks can help to get rid of split ends. A healthy scalp is all what you need for growing your hair well. So it has little to do with trimming it frequently.

For your shampoo to be effective you need to shampoo first then condition

Instead of shampooing and then conditioning thereafter, some experts are of the opinion that, conditioning before you shampoo your hair is great for adding nourishment to fine hair without weighing it down. In fact in the reverse process the conditioner acts as a shield between your hair and the shampoo. This helps to clean the hair without stripping your hair of the natural oils.

You cannot dye your hair when you are pregnant

The main concern in this regard is the risk which is associated with inhaling ammonia while one is pregnant. So you could dye with products which are ammonia free products even if you are pregnant. You could even go for some homemade solutions. Under such circumstances Henna can be used as it has no added chemicals and is fully safe to use.

By using the right and luxury products you can make your hair thicker

Most people think healthy looking hair is all about specific weather, costly products and styling. But you need to know that your body needs a healthy diet, nutrients, like carbohydrates, protein and certain antioxidants to grow hair. Products are required to do good cleansing and provide external moisture. But making your health by internal more important and effective as well. We have from time to time in our earlier blogs like the one titled “FOOD YOU NEED TO EAT FOR HEALTHY HAIR – EXPERT ADVICE” made you aware how you can go about doing the same.

We hope with the points mentioned above you are now fully aware about hair related myths. To know more about hair care and treatment in regard to hair loss please visit our website.


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