Are you aware of hair extension? If not then you must know that they are a temporary solution for people who have lost hair and looking for a solution for the problem. We know how embarrassing it may be for you to lose hair rapidly and balding.For males of course there could be solutions like hair transplantation and other ways to deal with the problem. However for females this may not be a solution. This is why you could try hair extensions to deal with the problem at least on a temporary basis. So through this blog we will try to explain to you how hair extension may help you to deal with the problem of rapid hair loss and baldness.

What are hair extensions?

As already pointed out hair extensions are a temporary solution for people who have lost hair. These hair extensions may either made from human hair or synthetic hair fiber supplements. Experts are of the opinion that they can make your thin hair look voluminous. However you must also note the fact that when not used properly, they lead to patchy loss of hair.

It is true that to add volume to thin hair you can choose natural human hair extensions, but experts also advise using with clip-on attachments. They feel that these are temporary, unlike the permanent type of attachment, which cause a lot of pull on the hair it is attached to. This can sometimes cause something which is called ‘traction alopecia’. This is a hair condition wherein there is a patchy loss of hair due to constant pull.

Hair extension

Some factors about hair extension which need due consideration

You must know that wax, glue, adhesive or silicon rings are used to attach the extensions to hair. Hair loss Treatment experts opine that you need professional help to attach them. It might also at times be quite painful removing them. Apart from this the chemicals also cause a lot of shaft (body of hair) damage leading to breakages as well as textural deterioration. On the other in case you are using human hair, you need to take care of it by keeping it well-conditioned. Some experts say that human hair needs good conditioning on a regular basis to avoid breakages.

You must at the same time note that synthetic fibres lose shine and colour due to frequent washing. So be careful with them. Hair extensions are a non-surgical option for people suffering from hair loss. It is true that these will be cheaper than permanent ones. However at the same time do not forget that they come with a maintenance cost.

To conclude we hope that we have been able to provide you with a fair idea about hair extension and how it can be used to temporarily be used to deal with the problem of hair loss. ByeByeBaldy is one of the leading hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata offering the best hair loss treatments. For more details about the services we offer, please visit our website.


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