Are you a young man suffering from rapid hair loss? If so we can understand how difficult it might be for you. You might be desperately seeking effective solutions to treat the problem. What you must note is that now many young men are falling prey to this menacing problem. So the problem which was mainly restricted to middle aged men in the past is sparing none including young men. The good news is that there are a lot of effective treatments to treat the problem effectively. Hair Transplantation  is one such treatment which has gained much popularity in recent times. This acts as a permanent solution to the problem. Along with this a lot of research is being undertaken as well in this field. A recent development has also taken place in this regard.

Drug for Osteoporosis potential new cure for hair loss too

According to a recent media report, scientists recently have discovered that a drug which was initially designed to treat osteoporosis could also be a potential new cure for treating rapid hair loss and baldness as well. Osteoporosis is a condition in weak bones due to which they become brittle. As per as the report human trials still have to be conducted with the drug that was designed to treat osteoporosis. But it is being seen that experiments with donated hair follicles in the lab could open up a new approach to treat hair loss. The new compound, known as WAY-316606, targets a protein which is known to halt hair growth.

Currently you must know that only 2 drugs namely Minodoxil and Finasteride are available for treating the problem of hair loss. These are usually used for treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia which usually affects many men and these drugs have some side effects as well. Neither have they produced very encouraging results.

So whether the new drug being said to be the potential cure for hair loss, works or not , only time will tell. Apart from this its side effects too have to be assessed. Till such time though, you might have to more effective hair loss treatments like hair transplantation. However in case you opt for hair transplant surgery it is important that you get the same done from the right clinic under an eminent hair transplant surgeon. Byebye Baldy is one such leading hair loss clinic in Kolkata offering one of the best treatments in the field.


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