The domain of treatment for hair loss among men is a gray area. There is a whole range of dubious products out there. These convince you about finding help in combating hair loss. You buy these products with a lot of hope only to have them squashed in some time! To clear out the space off such products, experts are throwing light here on two clinically tested and approved products. These have passed the litmus test of both the FDA and the American Hair Loss Association.

Hair Loss Among Men

The first product is Finasteride. The brand names for this particular medicine are Propecia and Proscar. This is developed by Merck. Originally speaking, Finasteride was used for testing as a cure for enlarged prostrate glands. However, during the tests, the men using the drug found these medicines to have a positive effect on hair growth. Sensing a new path, Merck continued working on this drug as a treatment for hair loss among men, medically termed Androgenic Alopecia. Finally, in 1997, this drug was approved by the FDA.

The drug lowers the Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Among 86% of the men respondents, this drug showed that just 1 mg of Finasteride can bring down the level of DHT by about 60%, favoring the growth of hair. This is the only method of combating baldness through medical means, as of now.

The next drug on this list is the Minoxidil. This drug, too, like Finasteride, was originally tested for use in some other way. It was being tested as treatment for high blood pressure. Just as in the case of Finasteride, Minoxidil was noted to have an positive effect to prevent hair loss among men and hair growth also in the drug testing stage.

Minoxidil has varying degrees of success in preventing hair loss in men or bringing back hair growth. If the extent of hair loss is quite severe, the results are not so positive with the use of this drug. But if you don’t have any positive feedback after the use of Finasteride, you can try out Minoxidil. The American Hair Loss Association recommends its use.

There is another reason why Minodixil is favored by men grappling with hair loss: its lack of side effects. If there are some minor hiccups here and there in specific cases, the effect is never long-term. It wears off in a short while, paving the way for Minodixil to be considered seriously as help for hair loss.

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