On having rapid loss of hair you may often get worried and consider it as an inevitable march to baldness. So in case you take note of the fact that you are rapidly losing hair then you must turn the tide against it. We have from time to time provided with essential tips to prevent the same from happening. In this blog we will make you aware of simple tips to turn things around. But now, with these tips, you may be able to stop your bad hair days from turning into bad hair weeks or even longer.

Simple tips to follow:

Going in for a slightly warm hair oil massage

You could go in for a warm oil massage. It could be the best remedy to provide your hair with the required amount of nourishment. The massage has many benefits. Firstly it would relieve you from your pent-up stress. Secondly it would also accelerate blood circulation on the scalp, thus reducing the possibility of hair fall. We have discussed in details about the benefits of hair oils in one of our previous blogs.

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Avoid regular use of hair dryers and hair straightening 

Both hair dryers as well as straighteners often adversely affect the health of your hair. The reason is that the heat can weaken the roots and negatively impacts the hair proteins. You could go in for an occasional styling stint as it often becomes the need of the hour for important occasions. But it is advisable that you avoid frequent use of hair dryers on a regular basis. 

You could go in for certain more reliable scalp treatments

In certain cases more reliable scalp treatments may boost the health of your hair. For example `Flame of the forest` is a popular scalp treatment. It is because of the fact that the butea gum tree has astringent properties and is especially useful in scalp treatments. Use an anti-hair loss cream with butea in it and experience the decreased hair fall. However before indulging into any of these scalp treatments it is always advisable that you do it under the consultation of a competent hair expert.

Only use mild shampoo if you are using it regularly

You may find that a good hair wash is always refreshing. But applying chemicals and compounds too often on your hair could also result in hair fall. This is because with frequent use of these on your hair could result in their loss of strength of your hair and dryness. You must use a herbal and mild shampoo, but use it sparingly to enjoy thick and lush hair. This will not only keep your hair and scalp clean and at the same time not damage it.

You must take proper care of what you eat

Iron deficiency is a one of the many nutrients, which could lead to rapid hair loss. Apart from this protein deficiency too could be one reason. So must take care of your diet and ensure that you take a balance of both macro and micro nutrients.

In conclusion we can say that there are a host of reasons which can trigger rapid hair fall. The tips mentioned above we are sure would to some extent restrict the process. In case you are looking for effective hair loss treatment please visit our website.

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