The problem of rapid hair loss and baldness could be most effectively treated with the latest technique now being developed. This is known as “Hair Cloning”. The growing problem of hair loss and baldness is an ever growing problem for the Indian youth. This might cause serious psychological problems among people and young people suffering from it are willing to pay almost anything and do almost anything to have this menace treated effectively. There is a lot of research underway and finally the ultimate treatment which is expected to be a significant breakthrough and revolutionize hair loss treatment may be just a few years away. 

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Hair Cloning: What it is it in simple terms?

Hair Cloning is the process involves removing a single strand of hair from the scalp and multiplying it into thousands of hair follicles that are inserted into the scalp. At present, it is being seen that the initial results are very encouraging. Hair transplant experts of Kolkata who are researching in the field are of the opinion that no man will ever be bald again if this treatment is successful.

It is usually seen that hairs which are taken from the back of the head are usually not affected by DHT and is best for cloning.

Some experts working in the field believe that this treatment could be out within the next 3 years. So in case you are a young man and noticing that you are already having a rapidly receding hairline and thinning on the crown then 3 years might not be too long a wait for effective treatment.  

Till such time in case you are suffering from the problem of rapid hair loss and baldness you would have to resort to procedures like hair transplantation. But in case you have hair transplantation it is advisable that you get it done from a renowned hair loss treatment clinic under an eminent hair transplant surgeon. 


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