The problem of rapid hair loss especially amongst the youth is a growing problem in India and worldwide and we are still unable to find the perfect hair loss solution. The result is that a lot of research is being undertaken globally to have the problem treated effectively. In a recent development in the field, researchers in Japan have developed a new novel way to treat the problem. This is by mass production of hair regenerating tissues that may lead to a new treatment for hair loss.

Hair Loss Solution – About The Treatment

There are some researchers at the Yokohama National University in Japan who have successfully prepared up to 5000 cellular aggregates. These are also known as Hair Follicle Germs (HFGs). The study which deals with regeneration of hair follicles was experimented on mice. Following which some new hair growth was observed in mice after these HGFs were transplanted into them. A senior professor associated with this study is of the opinion that the new method for treating hair loss is quite simple yet very promising. He also feels that this new treatment would be highly effective to treat hair loss which is caused by Androgenic Alopecia.

It is being seen that hair regenerative medicine is slowly but surely emerging as a new therapy to treat the problem of rapid hair loss and provide hair loss solution to many. The therapy mainly involves regenerating hair follicles. This is the tiny organ which grows and sustains our hair. One challenge in this new method to treat hair loss has of course been the preparation of the hair follicle germs. The large scale production of HFGs on a large scale is indeed challenging.

In the study it was found that some substrate materials for culture vessel have worked out well for the large scale production of these HFGs. It is only in the future we can know whether the new treatment is a viable method for treating hair loss problem at a large scale level and providing a good hair loss solution.

Till such time people must resort to existing methods for hair loss treatment like hair transplantation. In case you too are suffering from the problem of hair loss and baldness you could consider hair transplantation from the right hair loss transplant clinic.


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