We live in an age when life has become very fast and stressful for most. There is extreme work pressure, the stress levels at work for many is almost unbearable. We hardly find any time for rest or proper nutritious food. Besides we hardly have any time for physical exercise as well. The result of all this is that if affects our health adversely. We are falling prey to many lifestyle diseases. Rapid hair loss is one of the major problems for many youth of today. Amongst other factors causing rapid hair loss, according to hair transplantation experts in Kolkata, lack of proper nutrition in diet is one major cause for the same. Let us examine the effects of food habits on our hair health.

Skipping meals may result hair loss

With the hectic lifestyle we may often tend to skip meals. But not taking in enough calories regularly may adversely affect your hair health along with other health hazards as well. Hair Transplantation experts says that your scalp and hair roots too need sufficient nutrition to thrive on. Not having sufficient quantities of iron in your diet may lead to anaemia. If your body lacks in iron, it is most likely that you would suffer from rapid hair loss along with many ill effects. So make sure that you never skip meals.

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Avoid fast food

At work you may often be exempted to have plenty of fast food. But these are high calorie food with low nutrition. So it is best to avoid such types of fast food.These foods only harm your body. Excessive empty calories lead to accumulation of unhealthy fat. According to hair transplantation experts in Kolkata, the ingredients used in making the fast foods, especially oils, are too harmful for your hairs. Instead replace them with foods which are high both in both macro as well as micronutrients. These will help to boost your overall hair health as well.

You may love sugar but best to avoid it 

An occasional bottle of cold drinks may not be too harmful for your health. Diet having excessive sugar content is detrimental to our health in many ways in the long run. This includes rapid hair loss as well. Eating a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates can lead to insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes. High insulin levels in blood may often cause male pattern baldness and rapid hair loss. So it is best for you to avoid sugar rich food regularly.

Best to have food which is rich in macro and micro nutrients

In one of our blogs titled Suffering from Hair loss? Your solution may be hidden in your dietwe have covered in great detail the role of the macro and micro nutrients in our diet towards hair health. So you must ensure that the food you have is rich in both essential micro and micro nutrients. 

To conclude we can say that there is indeed that the food we have has a profound effect on the health of our hair too. To know more about hair loss treatments please visit our website. 

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