DNA testing and treatment based on it for treating hair loss is increasingly getting popular. According to some recent media reports, there have been cases wherein it was seen that patients were unable to retain their transplanted hair even after successful hair transplantation. One such patient underwent a DNA analysis of his hair. The test results gave the trichologist a clear direction to manage the post-transplant hair condition. Certain effective medication was given. Today the same patient is having a head full of hair. This only proves how DNA testing is successfully helping doctors treat hair loss effectively. It is also the reason why DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular for treating lifestyle diseases and also for treatment of hair loss.  

Making use of DNA testing for treating hair and skin conditions 

DNA and gene-based testing are definitely gaining momentum at present. There are 2 ways in which this may help. The first is curative. This is to deal with the specific issue at hand, which might have remained unresolved in spite of multiple measures. The second is preventive. This determines how prone one may be to particular ailments.  

According to experts in the field with DNA testing you could take away the guess work which is often made when it comes to treating hair loss. Hair DNA analysis involves the study of genes in regard to hair follicular stress, inflammation and the growth of the same.

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The study of such gene related factors can help to determine which type of medication or products are likely to be more effective for treating the hair loss problem. Thus it helps in customizing the treatment package. A dermatologist would want to know about the collagen metabolism so that he or she can identify the pattern of skin laxity and aging. He or she can thereafter decide on the best course of treatment. DNA testing in this respect is helping in a big way.

There is need for measured prescription for these tests

You must know that blood, saliva or buccal swab samples are sufficient for DNA extraction. The test report may take one to three weeks to come in. It usually depends on the number of genes being tested. 

The hair transplant experts from the industry are of the opinion that there are 2 principles for conducting the DNA tests. The first is to understand the main aim of the person doing the test. The second is when the tests are being done for prevention. This is mainly to done to understand what diseases or health problems the person undergoing the test may be pre-disposed to and thereafter take the corrective steps to prevent the same.  

In conclusion, we can say that DNA testing has come up in a big way for medical treatment. The same is being used for treating rapid hair loss as well. It has been our objective at ByeByeBaldy, being one of the best hair loss treatment centers in Kolkata to keep you well informed about the latest in hair loss treatment. We hope that we have been able to fulfill this objective of ours.


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