Treating hair loss has become most essential in India. This is mostly amongst the youth, who could go to almost any extent to get this menace rectified. However with the need new treatments are being developed on a regular basis to bring much relief to patients. In one such major development DNA testing could help in treatment of hair loss in a very effective way.

Hair loss an indicator of your overall health


The researchers claim that they have always worked towards holistic approaches to hair and skin ailments. They also feel that hair DNA testing, besides being complementary to the Skin DNA testing helps to determine one’s propensity for lifestyle based ailments. It could also go a long way in helping a patient make the right changes.

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Nutrigenomics: a new frontier in medical science

Nutrigenetic test is basically a genetic analysis. It mainly targets to understand how an individual’s genetic makeup can influence the way his body responds to food and the nutrients he gets from it. It looks into how these genetic differences can affect health. Nutrigenomics is the medical science that basically goes down to the DNA level of individual to better understand what nutrition the body specifically needs and what may be lacking. Along with this it also predicts what metabolic diseases and allergies one may prone to. The in-depth research that is being conducted in the field will now make way for gene-specific diets, ensuring that your diet too can be based on your DNA set up.

The main aim of this latest medical development is to customize treatment for hair loss and the second is to offer nutrition based treatment that is specific to an individual.

In conclusion we can say that right now much work is being done in the medical world to not only understand hair loss factors and develop treatments for the same. In case you are looking for the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata, then ByeBye Baldy is one of the leading hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata.


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