The one hair related problem we often encounter is dandruff. It may be quite irritating and embarrassing at times. This is especially because it may lead to itching and if you are in public it may feel uneasy doing so. However, in case you are suffering from this problem, there can be one serious concern: whether it causes hair loss. Being a leading hair loss treatment clinic in Kolkata, we at ByeByeBaldy thought we would explore this issue and try to make you aware of the same.

What is dandruff and what causes it?

According to hair transplantation experts, it is often seen that the oil from the scalp causes the skin cells to clump together. They usually appear as white flakes. Dandruff can be caused by factors like dry skin; sensitivity to hair products; and skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or eczema. In fact, is seen that the overgrowth of yeast can also cause dandruff.

Does dandruff lead to hair loss?

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This is a frequently asked question by many people who experience hair loss. Though hair loss can be the result of many factors like pollution, lack of proper nutrition, your hair style etc, but there is no direct evidence to accuse dandruff. Hair transplant surgeons explain it as a chronic and most common scalp condition. It happens in the form of white flakes which appear on the scalp. These flakes from the superficial skin layer made of dead skin cells often cause itching.

Studies in this regard mainly reveal that there is little link between dandruff and hair loss. But they also show suggest that it does not directly cause hair loss. In fact, the constant and aggressive scratching is the actual culprit. When you scratch your scalp too often it may result in hair loss as scratching weakens your hair roots. 

In fact, most hair transplantation experts feel that dandruff is a “cosmetic disease“. They do not consider it as a very serious problem. Though it is not contagious and it will not lead to other health problems but if left untreated, it can become so itchy and inflamed that it may cause temporary hair loss. That is a good reason to wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Once you have treated your scalp, the hair will probably grow back.

To conclude we can say that though the problem of dandruff is quite common, but it directly does not cause hair loss. But if left untreated it could lead to temporary hair loss. So it needs to be treated and should not be left untreated. 

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