Our appearance and looks plays an important role in our lives today. Be it at work, any social gathering or any occasion, one is extremely conscious about how he or she looks. Besides socializing through online social media platforms like FaceBook and Whatsapp are at an all time high. We have become very conscious of how we look in the numerous selfies and pics that are uploaded on these social media platforms. When it comes to appearance our hair plays an important role. With the latest trending hairstyles amongst both males and females, the use of cosmetics and hair styling products have skyrocketed. Though it may enhance your looks and hairstyle, these also have many adverse effects on your hair. And according to hair transplant experts in Kolkata, prolonged use of such cosmetics may damage the hair and ultimately lead to hair loss.

Through this blog we will try to make you aware about the role of cosmetics in hair loss.

Hair loss growing rapidly amongst the youth of today

Unlike about a decade ago when hair loss mainly affected the middle-aged, the problem is now rampant amongst the youth of today. Along with other factors like high stress levels, poor diet, hair style and hormonal issues, the use of cosmetics and hair styling products is one major cause as well for hair loss. And the increasing use of such commercial cosmetic products like hair gels, hair oils among the youths has resulted in sharp increase in the number of persons seeking hair transplantation in Kolkata in last few years.

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How hair styling products may affect your scalp?

You might have observed that many bald people and people with receding hairlines or thinning hair, often have shiny scalps. The shiny layer is caused by a buildup of oil called ‘sebum’. This combines with dead skin cells, cosmetic styling products like hair gel. They also combine with other pollutants. This oil layer therefore keeps building up in and becomes embedded into the scalp. This often makes it impossible to wash out using conventional shampooing methods. The hardened embedded oil fills in pores around the edges. Thus ultimately it entirely fills the pores. As a result, the hair follicles become weak and may lead to hair loss. And in this situation, till today, the only way to get back the hairs on your head is hair transplant surgery.

You may use hair gels but need to wash it off

With the high-quality hair gels available now it is true that hair gels by themselves may not cause hair loss. But in case you are using it, hair transplantation experts suggest that you should ensure to wash it off, especially before going to bed. This will prevent the clogging of the skin pores of your scalp. Apart from this, you could prevent the potentially damaging effects of hair gel on your scalp and hair, by switching to a healthier, nutrient rich organic hair gel, or wax. 

To conclude we can say that the reasons for hair loss are many, but amongst them, the use of harmful cosmetics on your hair could be a major one. Thus before you use any hair styling products you need to choose them carefully. You also need to wash your hair properly after the purpose is over so that they do not damage your hair.

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