It is wrong to assume that all kinds of hair fall problem have genetic origins! There are some temporary hair loss cases which cannot be attributed to genetic reasons. These types of hair loss can be the result of specific skin diseases that affect the scalp. Sometimes, the use of hair products that are very rich in chemicals reacts with your scalp and causes hair fall problem. However, the most common cause of temporary hair loss is fungal infection.

Fungal infection affects the scalp in the form of ring worms. Make no mistake about the nomenclature of this infection! Ring worms have nothing to do with worms! It is a kind of fungal infection where the damage starts by hair fall in a kind of circular patch. If the infection is not checked through medication, the patch radiates out, covering more ground. The circular patch of hair loss increases in diameter.

Hair Fall Problem

Ring worms on the scalp look definitively ugly. The scientific term to describe this kind of fungal infection is tinea capitis. Ring worms are quite commonly known to be the cause of a foot infection that we known as athlete’s foot. On the scalp, ring worms have a certain mode of operation. It affects the hair follicles at their roots. As a result of the infection, hair follicles become very brittle. It breaks off easily, causing loss of hair from the area affected by ring worms.

Do not think that ring worms cause hair fall problem only. The affected area on the scalp can become red and itchy. Pus discharge cannot be ruled out either. The redness of the area makes it look like a ring on the scalp. That is where it draws its name from! The worst part of ring worms is that they are contagious. So, if you have it on your scalp, it can get passed around easily through body or skin contact. Other forms of contact, like using the same comb or diving into the same pool can also cause transference of this infection.

In other words, if you have got ring worms, it is a good idea to have it treated at the earliest. Medication can control the spread of the infectious ring and finally erode away the infection from your scalp. Griseofulvin is the name of the drug component that is most effective in treating and controlling ring worms. The drug seeps into the skin, especially hair follicles, attacking the infection right at its core.
Once treated, the hair usually grows back. If that doesn’t work out for you, get in touch with our team at

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