You know how body hair transplantation is quite ‘in’ today, thanks to general awareness among people about the risk-free procedure. The false notions of vanity are also peeled off this process. It is no more a purely cosmetic exercise but a rather necessary one in an age where appearance is so important. However, there are times when the balding scalp is not quite good enough to provide filler hair follicles for the procedure. This needs to be harvested from some other part of the body.

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Facts On Body Hair Transplantation

Welcome to the world of body hair transplantation! This process does not simply involve picking up hair follicles from areas of hair-surplus parts of the body. It also involves grafting hair follicles into areas of the body where hair is deficient. A good case in point here is grafting hair into eyebrows of women to make them look thicker and more beautiful. Men opt for body hair transplants as well to give them a desired look.
It is not always about appearances. Sometimes a body hair transplant is a necessity. For people who had to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or for people suffering from minor or major burns, hair from the body is often lost. It gives a patchy, ugly look to the affected area. It makes the person conscious of their problem and people often tend to look at that area with curiosity. It is rather sad how people can be curious about a problem when they see one. Nevertheless, it places the sufferer in a rather uncomfortable position.

Body hair transplants can take care of this issue, once and for all. You know that these procedures are quite safe, thanks to the improved clinics and the presence of professional practitioners. There will be a bit of swelling and irritation initially which will die down in a day or two. Once the process is complete, you will find yourself in a fresh, new light. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you pick up a clinic that has repute for being the best in the business.
This is where, Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kolkata comes in! Our doctors and surgeons have worked on body transplantation in Kolkata for years, amassing a body of work that is quite staggering. With our team, you can be safe and sure of the results. Our post-operative care is directed to provide you with the kind of recovery that you need. Speak to our team today for details!


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