Studies show that approximately 40% women have visible hair loss. Hair loss though widely accepted amongst men, female hair loss is rarely discussed. For most, women with thick, luscious locks are considered very beautiful. Hair is a defining and universal symbol of beauty, and femininity. So as a woman if you are suffering from rapid hair loss we can understand how difficult it is for you. According to experts awareness of, and willingness to act on, a hair fall problem has increased dramatically in recent times. This is why you must be aware about some of the beauty mistakes women make causing hair loss.

Common causes of temporary hair fall in women

Industry experts are of the opinion that there may be temporary hair loss amongst women. This could occur owing to many causes. These could be on account of sudden stress; hormonal changes brought on by childbirth, or even crash dieting. 

However you need to be more worried about the permanent causes for balding in women. The effects of it emotionally may be crippling. But the following tips may help.

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Beauty mistakes you must avoid  

Reconsider your hair extensions

Many women damage hair owing to hair extensions. It leads to Traction Alopecia. This is because hair fall brought on by continual pulling, leading to inflammation in the follicles. So you must be careful and avoid the same to prevent permanent hair loss.

Best not to wash your hair before bed

Often women take a shower; wrap wet hair in a ponytail before going to bed. This could lead to fungal infections on your scalp. So you must dry your hair completely before going off to bed. Never sleep in a tight pony tail.

Avoid daily use of blow dryers

You must avoid blow drying with high heat. You must also be careful about the styling products you use. They may easily come in contact with the scalp causing allergic reactions in the same.

Are you shampooing in the right way?

You must shampoo the scalp only and not the whole head of hair. This must be gently in circular motions with your fingertips. Only apply conditioner from the ears down. Do both concurrently. Wash shampoo off first, then the conditioner. This will help to maintain the health of your scalp.

Try not combing wet hair

Combing wet hair causes excessive pressure on your hair and follicles and thus may break easily. So it is best comb only after your hair has become fully dry. 

Check your nutrition intake

Along with your overall health, the condition of your hair health depends much on your intake of proper nutrition. So ensure that you have the right quantities of proteins and vitamins. Deficiencies in vitamin D, iron and ferritin can result in hair loss. 

In conclusion we hope that by following the points above, you could to some extent check the rapid loss of hair or balding. However still in case if the problems persists, you must visit us at ByeByeBaldy. Bye Bye Baldy is a leading hair loss treatment and hair transplantation clinic based in Kolkata. For details visit our website.

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